Justice is indiscriminately due to all without regard to numbers, wealth or rank”,

State of Georgia v. Brailsford, et. al”,

3 U.S. 1 (1794)

Chief Justice John Jay

MISSION: Addressing the Justice Gap through the provision of high-quality legal services at affordable rates for those who would otherwise face the system alone.

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What We Do ...

Legal Services

  • Family

  • Landlord/tenant

  • Advance directives/living wills

  • Injunctions for protection (restraining orders)

  • ​DCF involvement

  • General civil

  • Misdemeanors

  • Identification documents

  • Name changes

  • Petition for custody of a relative ("kinship")

  • Education law

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Why we do it...

The "working poor" are barely making ends meet and now, more than ever, will have a tsunami of legal issues resulting from the COVID pandemic.  Free legal services are available for those below the poverty level and those with means can afford to pay for an attorney.  However, this middle income level is caught in the "Justice Gap" where they neither qualify for free services nor can they afford to pay. As a result, they face the system alone.

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How we do it...

  • Rates are based on your household size and income. 

  • Sliding scale fees are structured so that families can afford high quality legal representation.

  • Services are available remotely to accommodate your busy schedule. 

  • Services available evenings and weekends by appointment to accommodate your work schedule.

  • With dedication and hard work.

  • With compassion.

Client Rights

To be treated with respect

To be heard

To be protected


Jay's Justice


In your corner.

I am so pleased to introduce you to an innovative new nonprofit in Broward County, FL. 


Jay’s Justice, Inc. was designed after my 25 years of work with Legal Aid and other government programs – I realized that many services are available to the poor, but not the working poor. 


Those families who fall beneath 125% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for free legal representation, but those who work and may be just above the poverty line, are not eligible. The “working poor” are barely making ends meet and cannot hire the services of an attorney. There simply is not enough help to meet the need.


​The result is that the working poor remain unrepresented, face the system alone and more times than not, lose, regardless of the merits of their case.

Nonprofit organizations help so many people in Broward.  However, they too struggle with the costs of "doing business".  Jay's Justice hopes to assist through the provision of General Counsel Services at reduced rates - allowing agencies to focus on their missions of service.

​If you need help, please call.  We hope to bring you peace of mind and heart. Be well.

Patrice Paldino, Esq.


Contact :


ppaldino@jaysjustice. com



Mailing address:

3389 Sheridan St., #658

Hollywood, FL 33021